In order to study at the Studienkolleg Sachsen you must first take an admission test. Here, we will provide you with information on the admission procedure and test preparation so that you can take the test successfully.

Invitation and test procedure

You will receive an invitation to the admission test for the Studienkolleg Sachsen from the university in Saxony to which you have applied. You must have a provisory pre-admission from the university in order to take the test. Therefore, you cannot apply for the admission test directly at the Studienkolleg Sachsen. Please contact the Saxon university to which you have applied for all questions regarding the application for the admission test.

The admission test is a German language test. If you want to study in a natural science, medicine or economics program, you must also take an admission test in mathematics.

You are not allowed to use any auxiliary aids for the tests. This means that dictionaries, calculators, formulas and other aids cannot be used.

Every applicant at the Studienkolleg Sachsen must take the admission test, even if they already have certificates of qualification. There are no exemptions from the admission test.